Travor Dual Wireless Microphone System

The wireless setup I use currently cost me nearly £150 and consists just of a transmitter and receiver and I had to supply my own mic. The easy to use kit includes two transmitters, four microphones and all the add ons and accessories required to work on stage or with your camera or phone straight from the box. For just £68.99 can it be any good?

In the box are two headset Mics, two clip-on Lavalier mics, two transmitters with belt clip, receiver, two charging cables, 6.3mm to 3.5mm jack plug adapter, smartphone Y cable splitter, 3.5mm camera adapter cable, receiver cold shoe mount and a well written and easy to read User Guide. No batteries are needed as the transmitter and receiver are both rechargeables. Build quality seems fine, the hardware is all made from metal and although lightweight nothing is seems likely to fail anytime soon. I was pleased to see the mics can be screw-locked to the transmitters to prevent accidental unplugging, a nice touch.

Using the device could not be simpler. After charging the transmitters and receiver, pair the devices together by short pressing the power button on each. When a single device is paired to the receiver the receiver LED will be either blue or green depending on which transmitter is connected, when both transmitters are paired both green and blue LEDs will show.

The transmitters each have small LED displays panels that show the current battery level, the volume level for the connected microphone and the selected radio channel frequency. Press the Up/Down buttons to vary the volume for the mic and long-press the two buttons together to switch the radio channel.

The receiver and transmitters have built-in batteries which can be recharged through a standard 5v/1A USB connection. The current battery level will show on the transmitter LED screen and on the receiver, an LED shows blue when the battery level is good and red when it is low. A separate LED on the receiver shows red when charging and green when charged. A two-hour charge should give you up to six hours of run time for all three devices.

You can use the supplied mics or any other suitable microphone. You may need to adjust the volume control on the transmitter for best results, this is important and allows you to use a wide range of mics. The system should work with almost any camera, computer or stage show setup and adapters are provided for the 6.35mm large-format jack sockets often used on stage, as well as for smartphone and camera usage.

The connection between the devices was instantaneous every time I switched them on with no need for channel switching or reboots. I was impressed by the wireless range and I noticed no dropouts or signal loss when positioned in the line of sight as much as 30 meters or more away from the camera. Latency between the mic and camera is almost non-existent. There is some background noise audible, frankly, for this price price point you have to expect it, but this can be lessened by having the gain set as high as possible on the transmitters, changing radio channels, and by replacing the supplied mics. When background music is used or for stage use, this should not be too much of an issue.

Microphone audio quality was good with the lav mics but plosives (popping sounds when speaking words starting with P or B) were evident with the headset mics but could probably be improved with better mic positioning. The included microphones are clearly budget ones and better sound quality will be obtained with more expensive microphones connected.

To sum up, I was impressed by the ease of use of the system and of the quality of the wireless connection. The supplied mics are OK but improved results will be obtained when better microphones are connected. There is some audible background noise but it is not too bad and has to be expected with a budget system. Also, be aware that this system will not work with Macs or Bluetooth speakers.

If you are a YouTuber, filmmaker, produce presentations or stage shows, and want to try a wireless connection this might well be a great first system. For the low price, it has to be an option to consider.

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