Jinhoo DVD Player for TV

Not so many people use DVD players these days and they have almost become a niche market. However, I do still have a large archive of DVDs which at present I can only watch on my computer or by playing them on my old X-Box. This new budget-priced DVD player from Jinhoo will come in handy if and when I need to play them, It can also be used to repurpose an old TV or monitor in the bedroom or spare room although it is attractive enough for living room use.

The DVD player arrived nicely packaged in a rather upmarket and posh looking box inside of which was the player itself, an infrared remote control, HDMI cable, a/v cable set, and a large and well-printed User guide.

Build quality is good and more than acceptable for the £33 Amazon price and I was pleased to see the remote is full-sized with proper clicky keys. The cables all seem good quality and the User Guide is very comprehensive and well written.

In use, the DVD player works well enough. It supports all the usual DVD and CD formats and upscales standard-sized videos to 1080p. A limited number of other video and audio file types can be played from any attached USB drive up to 16GB in size. A few newer video formats are not supported and the User Interface is a bit clunky and dated but it gets the job done.

As a backup player, or a budget way to view your old DVD’s this player is fine. The device is compact sized but clearly designed for living room use rather than the office and sits nicely next to other media players. For the price, you cannot expect premium level quality but it works perfectly well and looks good, if not fantastic. It is a multi-region DVD player and will play all your DVDs perfectly well. If you need more than that then expect to pay much more

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