Watchd Smartwatch

I have tried plenty of smartwatches before and most of the budget priced ones are not much to write home about but this new £59.99 watch from Watch is rather interesting with some features I have not seen before at this price point.

In the rather minimalist if not plain box was just the watch, a short charging cable and a simple but well printed Get Started guide. The overall feel generated was distinctly entry-level.

The watch itself is lightweight and feels rather low end with an annoyingly hard to use silicone strap, a bright but low resolution display and a distinctly limited range of just 7 watch faces. The watch is charged with a short pogo pin magnetic charger, which is simple and easy to use if not very elegant. There are a good number of apps pre-installed but so far as I know no way to download more or additional watch faces.

As with all smartwatches it had to be first paired to the phone using Bluetooth and this seemed to work well enough but I did encounter some later connection issues which I think may be down to my phone.

All the usual apps you expect to find are here – email, music controls, phone camera control, messaging, calendar. For some reason, some of the phone linked apps worked every time but others more intermittently despite both the watch and phone showing a connection, but I have had similar issues before and so it may be a problem with permissions on my phone despite my seemingly granting full access.

Perhaps the best and most interesting feature of this watch are the range of health related apps included: Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Blood Oxygen, ECG, Skin Temperature, Sleep Tracking. So far as I can tell they work well and seem accurate enough although apart from Sleep Tracking they work on demand only rather than always on.

Let’s look at the most important features and see how they stand up.

Step Counter
Works well and seem reliable and easy to use. Shows steps, distance and calories burned and exercise history on both the watch and phone.

Sleep Tracking
Works well enough and seem reliable but little in the way of sleep analysis. Shows on both watch and phone.

Message/Call Notification
Did not work for me but I think that is a problem with my phone permissions.

Music Control
Worked intermittently but when working it worked well.

Camera Control
Worked every time with minimal lag and switched immediately the camera view within the M Active phone app.

Phone Call Control
Worked well with incoming alerts and outgoing dialling working well.

Heart Rate Monitor
Easy to use, begins immediately when opening the watch app and seems pretty accurate.

Blood Pressure Monitor
Again starts when opening the app and after using the phone app to calibrate it with an external Blood Pressure monitor, it works well, the best I have used on a smartwatch.

Blood Oxygen Monitor
Seems fast and accurate

ECG Monitor
Has to be controlled from the phone app and appears to work well but I am not able to confirm the accuracy.

Skin Temperature Monitor
Works well and seems accurate.

So basically what you have here is an entry-level smartwatch with some high-end features. With a more upmarket presentation, better build quality, and more screens I would be happy to pay much more than the price asked here.

If you need a budget health orientated watch that will perform all the usual functions with some specialised health monitoring thrown in, then this new watch may be for you.

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