WOTEK 4 in 1 Non-Slip Knife Sharpener

This simple but well designed and easy to use knife sharpener from WOTEK arrived attractively packaged and included a cleaning brush, veg cutter protection guard and user guide in the box. The sharpener is lightweight but feels well made and robust enough to last the course.

The unit consists of an ABS plastic handle containing the detachable metal four slot sharpening unit with the function of each slot clearly marked. The fours slots are: Scissors, Fine (Ceramic Stone), Prep (Diamond Surface), Sharpen (Tungsten Steel).

The sharpener will work with almost all standard knives and scissors but is not suitable for ceramic or serrated bladed knives. To use the sharpener after first determining which slot is the best for your knife, just draw the blade gently but firmly through the slot towards you at an angle of about 15 degrees being careful not to press too hard. Never attempt to push the blade away from you through the slot or to use a forward and back motion. In most cases, you would begin with slot 1 (Sharpen, Tungsten Steel) and move on to slot 2 (Prep, diamond Surface) to obtain maximum sharpness. After sharpening, detach the metal sharpening unit from the handle and remove any debris from it using the brush.

The set is well made, works well, and attractive enough to keep on display and at the current Amazon price of £10.25 before discounts, a very worthy addition to your kitchen.

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