IHOUMI X1 True Wireless Headphones

I cannot believe I am writing this but one of the best set of Bluetooth Earbuds I have ever tried is available at the time of writing for just £9.99!

It sounds over the top but I have to say that this set of True Wireless Earbuds from IHOUMI is one the best I have ever tried at any price, yes, including high-end rivals from Jabra, Sony and Apple.

In the box are the usual contents: buds, charging case, power cable, three gel pairs (plus one fitted), carry bag and an excellent User Guide in good English. Build quality is excellent and almost to Premium quality, with nothing to complain about.

So what is so good about this headset.

  1. Sound Quality. After selecting the correct size gel set (very important) the sound is one of the best I have ever heard from a TW headset. Masses of clean and undistorted bass, clear and well-defined mid-tones, let down (for me) only by a high end which I find a bit too piercing and harsh. Good and loud too.
  2. Bluetooth 5.1 connection quality. Easy pairing and then auto on and off when the buds are taken from and returned to the case. Great Bluetooth range, no dropouts after several days of use, it maintains a stable link to my phone even when I am two rooms away.
  3. Touch controls that actually work: Short Press either bud: Pause/Play/Answer Call, Long Press Right: volume up, Long Press Left, volume down, Double Tap Right, next track, Double Tap Left, last track, Triple Tap either button: Digital Assistant. The buds will work independently of each other individually and stand alone.
  4. Long Battery Life. So far I have not had a battery warning from them after extended use. The eight-hour playtime claim is probably no exaggeration.
  5. External device charging. This works and an acceptable power output too. I doubt I will use it but it is good to know it could give my phone an emergency boost if needed. The limited size of the Case Battery means it will only top up most modern phones rather than fully charging from flat.

So is there anything to criticise? The high end is a bit too piercing for my taste but others may not agree and that aside, the sound quality is excellent or better, the smooth casing of the earbuds means that retrieving them quickly from the magnetic charging case can be tricky sometimes and it is a pity there is no USB-C input or charging.

All in all, this is a fantastic earbud set and due to the short and spasmodic Amazon shelf life of such devices and the current crazy price, I have bought two more pairs to keep hold of, just in case.

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