EasySMX V07W Wireless Gaming Headset

This new wireless gaming headset from EasySMX is the best sounding I have yet tried from this fast-growing name in gaming tech and is also one of the easiest to wear and most comfortable I have tried for some time.

The headset arrived presented in a rather more upmarket box than those usually found for gaming products and inside of which was the headset, microphone stalk with pop filter, USB transmitter dongle, charging cable, audio cable and a large and easy to read User Guide.

The headset is of the over-ear type and does a decent job of passive noise reduction to cut down on outside distractions when gaming. The large ear pads are soft and very well padded as is the headband. This would be an excellent headset for long gaming sessions. A plug-in detachable microphone is provided complete with a removable pop filter. The microphone is flexible enough to be moved out of the way when not needed although there is a button on the earcup to switch it off, most users will find it easier just to unplug it. The headset has a USB plug for PS4 and computer audio use and a combined audio/mic 3.5mm jack for use with XBOX ONE or other non-compliant devices. There are on-ear controls for power, volume, LEDs off/on and a microphone mute button. When the power switch is off the headset will work as a normal audio headset using the supplied 3.5mm jack cable and indeed whenever the audio cable is connected the USB functions will be disabled.

The headset uses a rechargeable battery with up to eight hours of continuous use from a three USB hour charge, although it is a pity the latest USB-C port was not used.

Sound quality is excellent for the mid-range price. There is plenty of bass, mid-tones are clear and well defined and there is no sibilance or abrasive high-end tones. The sound quality is better than most gamers will need and is easily good enough for music and general audio reproduction.

The 2.4Ghz wireless connection was lag-free, fast and stable in my tests and better by far for gaming use than Bluetooth which can too often be laggy even with the latest Bluetooth 5 interface.

The earcups have a seven colour breathing light display but unlike with the cheaper rivals this is subtle and restrained and actually rather nice, but for those that find it distracting there is a on-ear switch to disable it.

The microphone, usually the weak link in gaming headsets, is actually rather good although the output level is quite low and may have to be compensated for on the connected device. Voice and background sound reproduction is excellent and free from the muddiness and distortion too often found.although some background noise was detectable at high volume.

This is an excellent quality all round headset and although aimed at the gaming market, many hardcore gamers may need more niche features than on offer here. That is no problem for me and at the current Amazon price of £70.99 (with on the day discounts possible), this is pretty good buy.

The Good
Good Sound Quality
Good Build Quality
Subtle Lighting Effects
Detachable Microphone
Pop Filter
On-Ear Controls
LED Switch
Stable Wireless Connection

The Bad
No Carry Case

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