SKYWAY Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses- 5 Pack

Five reading glasses for just a list price of £15.99, less still when the usual promotions are applied, you can’t get much better than that – but are they any good?

There are two way to judge these glasses, firstly as conventional reading glasses and secondly as a way of reducing the effect of the Blue Light emitted from the computer monitors and smartphones that we stare at all day. We will consider them both in turn.

In the rather plain box are five pairs of spectacles, each individually bagged. There are two with black plastic frames, one brown, one tortoiseshell, and one clear plastic. Also in the box are a black cleaning cloth and a testing kit consisting of a tiny blue light emitting torch and a Blue Light sensitive card. Build quality all seems fine for the price with nothing looking to fail anytime soon.

The glasses themselves are lightweight, moderately flexible with decent quality anti-glare coated 45 x 60 mm plastic lenses free from obvious imperfections or aberrations and slightly larger than my last pair. The frames are sized 135 x 45 mm with 138mm arms (Temple Length, to use the technical jargon) which have the selling point of opening wider than ninety degrees thereby making them easier to put on and reducing the risk of poking your eye out.

Artificial lighting, televisions, computers, tablets and smartphones all emit this 400–420 nm blue light which can lead to headaches, eye fatigue and can interfere with natural sleep patterns. These glasses block blue light centred at the 410UV point and have the secondary effect of making other colours appear more natural and vibrant. The effect of this is not immediately apparent when first wearing them but the reduced eye strain should be noticed over time.

Cynics out there may wonder if these blue light glasses really do work and this has clearly bothered SKYWAY and so for doubters, a blue light testing kit is included. The kit takes the form of a small blue light emitting torch and a blue light-sensitive card. Shine the torch directly onto the card and it at once darkens, when the card clears shine the torch this time through the glasses lens and the card does not darken, or at least to nowhere near the same degree. Of course, how much this helps may vary from person to person but it can only be a good thing to have.

Priced at £15.99 (now slightly dearer than when I bought them) these are an excellent buy even if you disregard the blue light blocking feature.

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