PARIGO Rechargeable LED Glove Lights

Perhaps they have been around for ages but these glove lights are certainly new to me and impressed me very much as a clever, useful and with hindsight rather an obvious idea.

The gloves are not true gloves but are a thumb and forefinger stall with a tiny LED light on each digit designed to illuminate and make easier small, fiddly and intricate tasks. They will be a boon to engineers, electricians or anyone that needs to work in dark or confined spaces without having to manipulate a torch or headlight.

In the box were the right and left gloves, two short USB charging cables, a soft carry bag and a short but well-written user guide. Build quality is all lightweight, as to be expected but feels well made and robust enough for extended careful use.

Each glove has a large fish shaped battery compartment with cables leading to cool white LEDs in the finger and thumb. The battery housing holds a grommet protected charging port and was pleased to see that the latest USB-C cable charging has been used, a faster and easier to use standard than old style plugs. The battery and LED assembly can be removed from each glove to allow for washing and then replaced afterwards. This can be a little tricky at first but gets easier each time. Remember to push the battery housing inside the glove at first and then twist it and pull it through the opening, do not try to pull it straight from the glove. My video shows how to do it.

This is a cleverly designed and well made product that if you have a use for it will soon become a part of your daily working life. Not bad for just £14.99

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