EVERSEE Universal Socket Wrench

There is nothing more annoying than hunting around for a spanner or wrench to fit that nut that just will not turn. This new universal fit socket wrench from EVERSEE might be just what is needed next time.

The stainless steel wrench comes with an adapter that should allow it to fit most screwdriver or drill bits when needed. I tested it with several screwdriver bits of various sizes as well as my drill and it seamlessly worked with them all.

The wrench head has 54 spring-loaded steel rods that conform themselves to the shape of the nut, hook, or any irregular shaped small object pushed into it to allow it to be turned. It will not work with circular or flat heads as it needs an angled surface to gain traction. It should work with objects between 7 to 19 mm (1/4 to 3/4 inch ) in size and this range is etched into the side of the device for future reference.

The device is well made and robust and fine for a small workshop or home use although it might not be up to sustained heavy duty industrial use. It is certainly good enough for what I need and will be a welcome addition to my toolbox.

It does not come with any instructions – none are needed – or any storage case, although the product box is made from heavy-duty cardboard and might suffice.

This is a handy, versatile and well made little tool and priced at just £12.99 will certainly not break the bank.

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