ARTOFUL Selfie Stick Ring Light

At £20.99 this is by no means the cheapest selfie stick/tripod I have tried but it is more than just a simple selfie stick as it is cleverly designed, reasonably well made, nicely presented, and with several non-standard features. The ring light is rechargeable and is stable enough when in tripod mode to serve as a portable fill light in the studio or on location.

In the attractive branded product box is the Selfie Stick with attached light, Bluetooth remote control, charging cable, spare CR1632 battery (one already installed) and a comprehensive and easy to read user guide. Construction is good but lightweight with the handle and grip made from ABS plastic and the extension rod from what seems to be very thin stainless steel but in fact, is aluminium alloy. The Bluetooth control button unit slots into the handle and can easily be removed for remote use and to replace the pre-installed CR1632 battery. The phone clamp folds flush to the body of the unit but take care when doing so as it is vulnerable when left unfolded. Two grips fold up on the clamp to hold the phone and allow it to be rotated. However, it seems that the clamp and ring light are one unit and cannot be separated from each other. Build quality seems fine with nothing looking likely to break, fail or fall off if handled properly.

The main selling point of this selfie stick is perhaps the built-in selfie ring light positioned on the end of the handle and controlled by a single button on the side. The single button allows you to scroll through the three light modes – warm, daylight and cool white – and adjust the three-stage per mode stage brightness level. The light is not super bright but will make the difference at night or when the image is backlit. A large phone will obscure much of the ring light but it should still be more than enough for use in selfies.

Using the remote is a simple as you would expect. Set your phone to Pairing Mode, long-press the Selfie Stick button and search for Bluetooth device “ARTOFUL Q07” and pair to it. You can now use the button to remotely control take photos and videos. The button will automatically turn off after a few minutes without use. The stainless steel rod extends up to 79 cm for selfie use with the three legs folding out from the handle to form a base when used in Tripod Mode.

This is a good little device, similar to a vast number of others, but offering the option of the integral selfie ring light. If you need a lightweight selfie stick with a Bluetooth shutter release and fill-light then this is a very decent buy.

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