PEMOTech Microphone Pop Filter

There are plenty of pop filters available and they are usually either foam covers that sit over the microphone or are screens that sit in front. The filters are designed to reduce the percussive plosive sounds caused by words beginning with P or B spoken very close to the microphone with the secondary function of protecting the delicate microphone innards from saliva, dust and other airborne nasties.

This filter is of the second type and surrounds the microphone grill making it suited for front address microphones such as the THRONMAX MDrill One PRO (set to cardioid mode) I tested it with. It is held in place around the microphone with two elastic bands which are secured by hooks on the back of the pop filter. The filter has three layers, an outer plastic mesh, an inner metal mesh, and a foam inside layer all secured within a plastic frame.

In the box was the filter itself together with four elastic bands and a well written and easy to read user guide. Build quality is lightweight, as to be expected, but otherwise seems OK. The elastic bands are easily lost and not particularly strong but any sort of elastic band should do the trick.

Fitting the cover seems easy but in fact, it took me several attempts to get it right during which one elastic band took flight never to be seen again and another snapped in two. The filter is supposed to fit any microphone with a diameter of between 45 and 68 mm which includes mine, but although I found it a struggle I did prevail in the end and it the filter was seated in place. Of course, fitting depends on the microphone used and no doubt it will attach far more easily to other mics. Note that it will NOT fit the widely used Blue Yeti mic.

I was surprised just how well it worked. Again, results will no doubt vary greatly from microphone to microphone but I found plosives to be greatly reduced when the filter was in place and enough so for me to keep it permanently in place.

Priced at just £7.59 it is difficult to complain too much particularly as it seems to have such a dramatic effect on close mic vocal recordings. I would prefer a more secure fitting method, perhaps with lockable clips or at the very least a larger supply of rubber bands.

That said, for the price, it has to be a great buy.

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