MACTREM 10″Folding Ring Light Kit

Ring lighting is widely used in professional photography and film making for the softening effect it has on the skin, reducing wrinkles and smoothing out imperfections. This new lighting kit from MACTREM is very well priced at just £27.99 for which you will get all you need for basic portrait ring lighting plus a heavy-duty selfie stick.

In the rather plain box is the 10″ USB powered ring light, 155cm tripod/selfie stick, ball and socket tripod mount, ball and socket clamp mount and a dual-position phone holder and a well written user guide in colour. Build quality seems fine for the price. The ring light is made from robust ABS and feel robust enough for daily use. The tripod/selfie stick and socket mounts are made from metal with the phone mount from tough plastic. Treat the ring light with care but otherwise, all seems robust and well made.

Usage is simple enough. For portraits fit the ring light to the tripod using the ball and socket mount, alternatively, the phone can be mounted on the tripod and the clamp mount used for the ring light. The tripod, which extends to a full 155cm, can be converted to an extra-long heavy duty selfie stick by sliding the central stem from the tripod assembly.

The unit is powered through USB and has an in-line backlit control pod that scrolls through the three Colour Temperature settings, the ten brightness levels, and Off/On. The pod has proper clicky buttons and is easy and responsive to use. The lighting ring is quite lightweight and is unlikely to survive a severe impact, but that aside all seems fine.

The tripod and selfie stick are certainly made to last and the selfie when extended is the longest I have tried and might better be described as a boom arm. The ring light at 10″ is a good size and capable of delivering an even flicker-free coverage and although made of plastic seems built to last the course. The only thing lacking is the Bluetooth remote control shutter release found with most selfie sticks.

This budget-priced kit can be used for selfies, in beauty or hair salons where precise lighting is required or for general photographic or video use. It would make a nice gift for anyone with an interest in any of those activities or for a YouTuber video maker.

The Good
Good Price
Good Specifications
Versatile Mounts
Robust Well Made Tripod
Extra Long Selfie Stick

The Bad
No Remote Control
No Storage Case

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