Lovemist Mens Boxer Shorts 5 Pack

This set of five boxer shorts from Lovemist priced at £27.99 are not the least expensive I have seen but they do feel better made with a quality feel to them the cheaper rivals lack.

In the reusable ziplock storage bag were the five boxer shorts in a range of patterns. I received pale blue, blue/green/white checked, blue/red/white checked, green/blue checked, blue/ehite checked.

The shorts are made from 100% cotton and feature a 2 button flue and elasticated waistband. The quality feels excellent, the shorts are heavier than others I have worn and have a substantial feel to them. The stitching along the seams and waistband is well made, accurate and free from any hanging threads or loose ends. Again, the shorts do have a quality and rather an upmarket feel to them.

Unlike with many other imported garments here, the sizing seems pretty accurate. I ordered Large and they fitted as I expected they would and for once there was no need to order a size up from the measuring chart.

The shorts can be machine washed at 30C and should be drip-dried to keep the material feeling natural and avoiding shrinkage.

Wearing them I found to be a pleasant and comfortable enough experience with no uncomfortable seams or roughness. There is plenty of the necessary support without any feeling of constriction.

Although you cannot really go on too much about boxer shorts but I am very happy with these, they fit well and feel comfortable to wear. That is really all you can ask from them.

Although not the cheapest out there I feel these are still a pretty decent buy.

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