SUWITU 30ft 60 LED Solar String Lights

I have always enjoyed the globe string lights but so far all the many sets I have tested have been available in warm white only. At last here is a set that is multi coloured and with a few other features, I have not seen before too.

The lights arrived in a fairly nondescript brown box but at least they all fitted in there well enough and with enough space that I was able to get them back in there again afterwards. In the box was the 60 globe 9.1M light string, the 8.6 x 8.6 cm combined solar panel and battery pack, two piece garden mounting spike, a USB charging cable, a USB operating cable and a well written and easy to read user guide. Although plastic has been used throughout, build quality seems robust enough and at IP65 water-resistant hopefully, the UK weather should be no problem for it.

Aside from the coloured globes, the main selling point for this lighting set is the versatility of use. It comes with a combined 1800mAh MINH battery pack and 17% energy conversion rate solar panel but over winter or on overcast days the solar battery pack can be disconnected and taken indoors to be charged using the supplied USB charging cable. A ground spike is supplied for use with the solar panel to keep it off the ground and orientated towards the sun. For regular indoor use, the solar battery pack can be removed entirely and replaced by the second USB cable in the kit which features an inline mode selector button. The lights are slightly brighter when USB powered than in solar mode.

There are just two buttons on the solar battery pack: one for Power and the other to scroll through the eight lighting modes on offer. The modes are: Steady On, Combination, Waves, Sequence, Slow Glow, Chasing, Slow Fade, and Twinkle. When direct USB power is used the single button on the USB plug scrolls through the modes.

The lights look great and catch the eye more than the normal warm white ones, which may or may not be to your taste and to me are better suited to garden rather than indoor use, but that may just be me.

Currently priced at £16.89 they are slightly dearer than the plain white rivals but the coloured globes and choice of power modes to me more than makes up for it. If you need a versatile and colourful set of features lights, then this might be just for you.

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