BBTWO Solar Fountain Pump

Reduced in price to just £7.99 you should not expect too much from this new solar pump from BBTWO but in fact, within its limitations, it worked rather well. I have tried quite a few solar water pumps in the past and most worked OK in bright sunlight they all went off when the sun went in and came with small and easily lost spray nozzles and yes this one is pretty much the same although it produces a better and more powerful jet and is considerably cheaper.

In the plain and unbranded product box were the fountain itself, four spray pattern heads, one short extension tube, one long extension tube, a single jet nozzle, and a well written user guide covering this and several other fountain models. Build quality is entirely of plastic but seems robust enough.

The 160 mm circular floating water fountain is designed to sit in your pond or large birdbath producing a fountain of water as high as 70 cm into the air on sunny days. As with all solar fountains, best results especially when using the fountain tube extenders will need good sunshine and although I would take the 70cm claim with a pinch of salt, I would say that on a good 50 cm plus is perfectly possible.

On the underside of the solar panel is the pump unit and water level sensor along with three suction feet to secure it when not floating free. On the top, it has the pump outlet and solar panel array. The unit has a small water outlet stub on the top to which the outlet head and extension tubes in a range of combinations can be attached. The higher the tube projects above the pump then the more power is needed to raise the water and will give a more dramatic effect on sunny days. In shaded or overcast locations then a shorter stub extension or the simple spray head will produce longer lasting and more reliable effects.

Setting the device up is simple enough. There are no controls or switches to set, the pump just starts up when it detects water and sunlight and stops when it does not. When the water levels gets low or the water inlet is blocked the pump will cease working after fifteen seconds. After replenishing the water or clearing the blockage cover the solar panel for a few seconds and then uncover them to allow it to start working. You may have to experiment to determine which combination of tubes and heads works best for your location: a smaller tube set should work longer in reduced sunshine but in a sunny location a more dramatic effect may be achieved with the spray head fully extended. If all you need is to keep the water agitated in the pond with a bubbling effect from the pump then no tubes or heads are needed.

Build quality seems OK for the price but due to the nature of the floating product is lightweight and entirely from ABS plastic. The pump should work untended but from time to time it will be necessary to clean the water inlet on the underside and in fact for best results this should be done on a regular basis.

For the current Amazon price this will be an excellent addition to your pond or birdbath. Taking the time to position it correctly and with the optimum combination of spray heads will give excellent results If you really like it you may wish to pay more for a more robust unit with a rechargeable battery to allow operation when the sun goes in.

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