icyant Digital Multimeter Kit

I have tested several multimeters before but this new one from icyant is the first fully digital model I have tried and for the £27.99 price I was rather impressed by it.

In the rather minimalist box was the multimeter itself, a silicone protective case, test lead set, temperature probe and a comprehensive if rather poorly translated user guide. Everything seems well made and robust enough to withstand extended home and workshop use.

The multimeter is dominated by the large 5″ LCD screen which takes up almost the entire front face of the device with the three probe ports on the bottom, a power button on the top and two control buttons on the side. On the back is the access panel for the two AAA batteries (supplied) and a small but powerful LED torch. Single press the top side button for data retention, long press to turn on and off the flashlight and screen backlighting. Single press the lower button to change and select functions, long press to enter NCV mode.

The unit offers no less than 15 test and status modes with an accuracy count of up to 6000 with audible feedback and custom screen displays. It can monitor and test AC voltage (with red screen alert), DC voltage, temperature, Diode measurement, capacitance, resistance, DC current, AC current, zero line identification, firewire detection (with red screen alert). It can also do NCV detection to locate hidden live cables. Voltage testing is for up 600v, AC or DC.

The meter is simple and easy to use either at home or at work. The screen is large, bright and easy to read in the most adverse conditions. Although robust and well made of necessity care will; have to be taken with the LCD screen which is bound to be more vulnerable than those on an old-style multimeter, but that is to be expected.

This is a well designed and easy to use device available at a very attractive price.

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