Toguard AP35 Wireless Rechargeable Outdoor Security Camera

This new indoor/outdoor wireless rechargeable security camera from Toguard, is competing with the likes of Arlo and Nest in the fast developing true wireless security camera market. For the budget price of just $85.99, what does it have to offer?

In the small, well designed but simple box is the camera, USB cable, wall mount, screw set, charging cable, spare access port grommet and a small, well written but hard to read user guide. Although compact and lightweight, everything seems pretty robust and well made and nothing looks likely to fail anytime soon.

The camera is small-sized with a rounded bay front holding the lens, PIR, Night Vision LEDs, microphone, and status LED. On the rear is a metal screw mount, on the underside is the speaker grill, along with a recessed bay for the Power/Reset key, micro-SD card and micro-USB charging port. A heavy-duty detachable grommet for the bay is installed with a spare included in the pack.

To configure the camera just install and register the Adorcam app and then follow the instructions there. Make sure your phone is connected to a 2.4Ghz wifi network and, in my case at least, ensure your phone is not set to a dark theme as this may distort the QR code which the app generates. Following the instructions in the app and the voice prompts, enter your wifi network name and login password and point the camera at the QR screen generated by the app. The network data will be sent to the camera it will then login automatically to the network each time.

After connection, the camera uses the easy to use and well designed Adorcam app to configure and use the camera. The app configures targeted motion detection, scheduling, app alerts, cloud storage, camera sharing, format the micro-SD card (maximum size an impressive 128gb), access and edit alert videos and pictures. The app is very user friendly with all the main features immediately accessible on the front page. Multiple cameras can be connected to the app and all can be set up and operated separately from each other.

Once set up the camera offers good quality 1080p video with 2-way audio at around 15-20fps. Videos can be saved to the micro-SD card in the camera, downloaded over wifi to the app or directly from the SD card to the computer. Unlike many rivals, the camera works perfectly well without cloud storage. The user can configure various operating modes for use when home, away, etc which allow for push notifications to be set or disabled, video recording, and a simple one-button disarm setting. I will probably mainly use the camera as a wildlife camera as my video shows it works perfectly well for that too as well as for security.

Perhaps the main selling point of this camera is that is totally wire-free and uses an internal rechargeable battery for power. Battery charging takes several hours, but given that battery life is between two and four months depending on usage, that is not too bad.

I was impressed by the build quality of the camera, which has a distinctly upmarket feel to it, the excellent quality of the results and by the ease of use and design of the app, which is itself a marked step up from the rebadged generic offerings too often used. On the negative side, I could see no way of configuring cloud storage, no doubt this will come with a future update and by the lack of scheduling or motion detection zones. It seems that Motion detection is either off or on and set to the whole screen only. The video quality although good is not up to the 4K offered by the latest high-end rivals and the camera and security settings are less sophisticated but then this camera is less than half the price of the big boys and it works perfectly well without the cloud storage they insist on as well s being far easier to set up and operate.

Toguard,is entering a market already crowded with rival cameras but this one is well priced, well-specified, easy to use and must surely be worth a look.

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