B-right Night Running Lights

https://youtu.be/BXaeLkA63TAs a former runner myself I well remember the dangers faced when running at night or on dark afternoons in winter,. I tried a variety of visibility aids but I wish I had had this new lighting kit from B-right with me then.

In the branded and attractive mid market box are just the lighting set itself, no instructions or information sheets are included, which is a pity but no disaster. Build quality seems fine, lightweight as to be expected but well made and built to last.

The kit consists of a dual-lens front facing white light which can be physically rotated and set to various lighting modes, and an always on rear red light. The lights are permanently fixed to an adjustable chest harness with a buckle and reflective white straps. The front lights output a maximum of 180 lumens and can be set to full power (both lenses), half power (single lens) and flashing mode. The rear light stays permanently on independently of the mode the front lights are set to

It can be a bit tricky at first to get the harness in place correctly but once the straps are adjusted and after a few tries it soon becomes second nature. It is lightweight and comfortable to wear and the single button placed on top of the front facing light is easy to find allows you to scroll through the lighting modes. The front light can be rotated up and down on its mount to get the optimum lighting angle although this is not as secure as I would like it to be.

Both lights are recharged from the same grommet protected micro-USB port located in the rear light and the two lights are connected together by a separate cable. One four hour charge should give over four hours of running time depending on the light settings used. Personally, I would prefer to charge each light separately to allow the connecting cable to be dispensed with or failing that for the cable should be concealed inside the straps. It is a pity too that one light cannot be unplugged and removed when both are not needed.

The lights are good and bright and make the wearer visible from some distance away with the rotating front light able to point down at the road directly ahead to light the way. For most situations I think a single front facing light would be enough. which would extend the battery life and avoid dazzling oncoming traffic.

Priced at £25.99, I have to say that there are plenty of cheaper rivals available but this lighting set is well made, works well and is easy to use. If you are prepared to pay a bit more for a quality item then this may be for you.

The Good
Good Build Quality
Good Light Output
Easy To Use
Adjustable Straps

The Bad
No Carry Bag
Separate power Wire
Lights Cannot Be Removed From Harness

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