Sun Energise Solar Panel for Arlo Cameras

This large and well made solar panel is budget priced alternative to the expensive solar panels designed for the Arlo range of high-end battery powered security cameras.

In the rather plain and unbranded box was the solar panel itself, a prefitted wall mount, wall mounting screw kit, ground spike and a large and well written but not very informative user guide. The 19.3cm panel comes with a heavy duty hard-wired 4m output cable with a watertight USB socket on the end. Build quality all seems excellent with nothing looking likely to fail, break or fall off anytime soon. No Arlo charging cable is included but the one supplied with your camera should work fine and can be plugged into the output socket on the cable. This is designed to be a tight fit as it needs to be watertight.

The solar panel is robustly made although not excessively heavy and can either be wall mounted or secured using the large plastic ground spike supplied, just push the two halves of the spike together and then insert it into the bottom of the prefitted wall mount. The solar panel mount is adjustable and allows the panel to be almost completely rotated from front to back. Positioning is crucial and time should be taken to select the location that will get the maximum amount of direct sunlight. Take care also to ensure the panel remains clean and free of dirt, dust or anything that may reduce the amount of light falling on it. There is a large status LED on the underside of the panel which illuminates when sufficient sunlight is being received and so again take care to position the panel where this LED can be monitored.

The LED outputs 5w through a standard USB port and this should work with most of the current range of Arlo cameras including the Arlo Pro 3, Pro 4, Pro 3 Floodlight, Arlo Ultra, and Ultra 2. It should support future models unless the charging interface is changed. The output makes use of a standard USB port and so it may well be that other non Arlo devices can be powered with it, but this would need to be tested first.

This is a simple but well made device that works well with the latest Arlo cameras and at £45.95 is a budget alternative to the Arlo branded solar chargers.

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