eppfun Wireless Earbuds LS002

Priced at just £29.99 this IPX6 water resistant headset is light in weight and compact in size and perhaps designed with the sports and exercise market in mind.

In the mid-market box was the headset itself with earbuds in place, two additional different sized gel sets, a short charging cable and a small but useful User Guide. Build quality is lightweight but with a quality and upmarket feel to it. Nothing seems likely to fail, go wrong or drop off any time soon.

There are several new and interesting features with this headset, The case has an unusual circular design with a row of tiny status LEDs along the front and a USB-C charging port on the rear. The case has a wireless charging base, just put the case down onto any standard wireless charger and the case and earbuds within will begin charging.

The lightweight case, a design feature I feel rather than a failing, is small and neat and can easily slip into a pocket and should give at least 18 hours of top up music time to the earbuds, which on their own should play for up to 6 hours from a single charge. There are status LEDs on the case and earbuds to indicate charging and battery status. The earbuds, incidentally, can be used as a pair in the normal way or separately in mono mode. Unlike with older bud sets, there are no Master and Slave buds here.

Sound quality is excellent despite the small size and the Bluetooth connection is fast and stable due to the use of Bluetooth 5 connectivity. There is good deep bass, clear and well defined mid-tones and treble that is clear and distinct but not harsh or hissy. Each bud has a single touch button that can be used to raise and lower volume, music track control, answer or reject calls and invoke your selected digital assistant.

Although it can be used for general listening I think this set will be perfect for runners, walkers or athletes as the buds are small, light and comfortable for sustained use as well as being IP6 waterproof. The case too is small and light enough to be tucked into a running belt to top the buds up during a long run.

For the budget price, sound quality and range of features this headset is well worth a listen.

The Good
Good Price
Good Sound Quality
Compact Size
Light Weight
USB-C Charging
Wireless Charging

The Bad
Plastic Charging Case

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