MAONO AU-PM461S USB Microphone Kit

If you are an aspiring podcaster or YouTuber this new self-contained kit has all you need to get you started.

For £45.99 you get a complete studio microphone kit consisting of a USB microphone, USB cable, desk mounted boom arm stand, shock mount, a clip-on pop filter, all nicely presented together with a well written and informative user guide. I have tried similar kits before and although they have all been good value for money few had a microphone and feature set equal to the one included here.

The kit all seems well made and robust enough for daily use. The mic body and grill are made from plastic but it feels robust enough and the light weight should prevent undue strain on the boom arm mechanism. The mic USB cable is tough and robust and at 1.5m long enough for desktop use. The boom arm is of metal construction and works well although is slightly shorter in length than professional level rivals. It is nice to have the splatter guard pop filter included, as most kits leave this out, and this one is designed to clip directly onto the shock mount, so need for the flimsy and easily lost rubber bands used by some rivals. The included plastic shock mount is made from plastic but works well and has been designed to work as one unit with the microphone and pop filter,

This microphone has a standard USB 2.0 plug and should work straight from the box with most computers and similar devices, no preamp, phantom power adapter or drivers needed. Unusually for this price point, the microphone has a gain control dial on the front with a useful halfway notch.

The whole mic assembly works well, the lightweight boom arm is smooth and easy to use with no noise or wobble and once in place stays where it is without drooping or spring back. The pop filter is metal with just a single grill but works well enough and protects the mic from splatter.

Sound quality, the most important factor with any kit of this sort, is excellent and is better by far than I was expecting with decent audio quality and almost no noise, The mic has a cardioid input pattern so remember to talk into the front side of the mic above the logo, not into the end or other side. The gain control is very handy for getting the audio level right before recording, a task which usually has to be done on the mixer or in the recording software.

The boom arm, shock mount and pop filter are of decent but not outstanding quality but the mic is excellent and worth buying the kit for alone. If you are a YouTuber, podcaster or singer seeking to move up a notch and set up a home studio then you could do much worse than start off with this well specified, well made and well-priced kit.

The Good
Great Price
Good Build Quality
USB Interface
No Drivers Needed
Easy Fit Pop Filter
No Phantom Power Needed

The Bad
No Mic Carry Case
Single Layer Pop Filter
Many Rivals Available

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