RØDE Microphones MagClip GO

You do not physically get much for your £15 but yet it is one of the most useful add-ons I have for my video recording work. This little set allows you to conceal the rather bulky RØDE Go transmitter and microphone combo under clothing when recording audio.

In the box is just the metal clip and magnet set with no user guide included or needed. The ‎RØDE logo is on the clip and the magnet is plain with a matt black finish. Build quality is excellent, as to be expected from RØDE and so it should be for the price and the simple nature of the product.

The RØDE Wireless GO is a wireless microphone set consisting of a transmitter with a built-in microphone that clips to your clothing or any convenient object and a receiver unit that attaches to the camera cold shoe mount. Although small in size the transmitter unit with the prominent RØDE logo is still very noticeable when in position on close or medium distance shots. This set allows the receiver to be positioned inside the clothing with just the small and discreet magnet on the outside.

To use simply attach the metal clip, which has the RØDE logo on it, to the plastic clip of the transmitter. Once in place, it can be left there permanently as the plastic clip functions as normal with it in place. Position the transmitter inside the top layer of clothing with the microphone pointing up and towards the mouth and then place the magnet on the outside of the clothing in line with the clip to secure it in place. I have had no problems with it falling off or working loose and can it seems secure and stable when walking or running.

There are no problems with the product, it works well and as described. Although £15 is not much money and one level well worth it for the functionality it offers, I feel this should really be part of the microphone set. I would suggest that the next version be supplied with a built-in metal clip as standard and the magnet included in the box.

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