kucoal LED Rechargeable Head Torch Set

This headlamp twin pack from kucoal has a premium feel and build quality that the rivals lack and which belies the bargain price but is it really any good?

In the small and distinctly downmarket box were just the headbands and two charging cables. No user guide was included although all the information needed is printed on the box although it is rather difficult to make it out. It is a pity that no storage case was included, but for the price that is understandable.

Each headlight has a robust elasticated headband with an adjustable buckle and in the centre the light unit itself, which is quite chunky and feels well made and built to last. Facing forward are three LEDs, a large central one for the main white light with smaller Red LEDs on either side. On top is the single easy to feel control button. The main light unit can be angled downwards in three click stopped stages. There is also a catch that allows the front section to pivot forwards 90 degrees to give access to the battery compartment for charging.

Operating the light is simple enough. Long press the button to turn it on – the last operating mode will be remembered – and long press again to switch from white to red light or vice versa. Short pressing scrolls through the lighting options: three brightness levels and flashing in white, steady on, slow flashing and long flashing in red. Fast click again to switch off in either mode.

The 180 Lumen flashlight is good and bright, and distinctly more powerful than would be expected from such a compact unit. The light is rechargeable with a built-in 1500 mAh battery accessible through the folding front panel of the light. I was pleased to see that an up to date USB-C port has been used for this. One charge should give between 4 and 12 hours of use depending on the operating mode selected.

This is a high quality, rugged, and robust professional-level piece of kit well suited to outdoor sports, caving, biking, and other high impact activities as well as for fishing, cycling, and other less intense pursuits. As a runner myself I would find it perfect for evening or night runs if I ever start them up again. I would have been quite happy to pay the asking price of £14.99 for just one of these headlights and to receive two is a bargain indeed.

The Good
Powerful Red/White LEDs
Easy To Use
GoodBuild Quality
Comfortable Headband
Easy Operation
Great Price

The Bad
No Storage Case

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