Sofirn SC21 Compact LED Flashlight

This truly pocket-sized little flashlight has a robust aluminium body, is fully rechargeable, offers multiple operating modes, is shock and water-resistant and is perhaps the brightest torch I have seen of this size.

In the box are the torch itself, 16340 battery, Type-c Charging Cable, Lanyard, Pocket Clip, two spare O-rings and a well written if rather complex user guide. Surprisingly for the £35.99 price no protective case was included.

It is exceptionally robust and well made with an aerospace grade 6061 aluminium alloy body that is IPX8 water resistant and 1 meter drop shock resistant at least. It can be immersed in water up to 2m deep for up to half an hour but is not suitable for diving.

It has a range of operating modes which can be a bit confusing to set up but basically, it can be set to either three light levels or stepless brightness, but most users will probably just use the maximum power Turbo mode. Click the single button twice to jump straight to Turbo mode, long press then click to access the other brightness modes.

So how bright is it?
I had doubts about the claimed 1000 Lumens output but I am convinced now and it amazes me just how much light comes out from the tiny body. There is a trade off for the power and when set to Turbo power you get just 1 hour from a single charge but this can be extended to up to 85 hours when less demanding modes are used. The light output is rated at 5000 K which gives a medium cool light perfect for general use.

The torch takes a single rechargeable 16340 battery which is included and can be replaced when necessary. I was pleased to see that the latest USB-C port has been used for charging and that a suitable (if rather short|) cable was included for this purpose. A status LED changes colour from red to green to indicate charging progress and when in use a low battery warning LED is present. A standard non-rechargeable CR123A can be used in an emergency but with a limited light level for a short time only, although I have not tested this.

At just 73mm in length and with a clip for that purpose, the torch can easily be kept in a pocket or car glove compartment for use when needed. This is the sort of item you can just tuck away somewhere and when the power goes off hunt it out.

Although not inexpensive, the build quality and sheer power of the little torch makes the price of £35.99 seem not at all unreasonable.

The Good
Super Bright
Stepped/Stepless Brightness
Last Setting Memory
Impact Resistant
Low Battery Alert

The Bad
No Carry Case

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