HIGHEVER Beanie Hat Light

If I ever take up night running again I will need to add a few safety items to my running kit to allow me to undertake some early morning runs in the dark. Part of my daily 10K run was on an unlit main road and so I will need to be able to see the pavement in front of me as well as be seen by oncoming traffic. This £13.97 beanie hat from HIGHEVER seemed to answer the bill.

In an attractively designed box can be found the headset, charging cable and a well written and nicely printed user guide.

Build quality seems fine. The beanie hat is medium weight – thicker than most simple beanie hats but not quite up to ski hat standard. The hat has a rather posh plush lining and is thick enough for winter runs and indeed for me, I would find it uncomfortable to run in anything thicker. It has a fold-up brim which has a reinforced opening for the LED light to be slotted. Once in the place, the light can be easily popped out but is well seated enough not to run the risk of falling out when running. The light unit is quite large with a single button in the middle which cycles through the three lighting options: standard white, bright white and blue/red strobe.

Charging is easy enough and can be done with the light unit in place or removed from the hat. It uses a standard micro-USB cable and takes around ninety minutes to charge from flat. A full charge from the 300mAh battery will give around three hours at full power, around five at standard brightness, and around seven hours in strobe mode.

In use, I found it works very well and is brighter than I expected. Operating it when on the move can be a bit tricky as the button needs a good positive click which can be difficult if the hat is too high on the head, pull it down so the light is against the forehead to use the switch more easily. I use it now as my regular running hat for daytime use as I find it comfortable to wear and can be pulled down over my ears to help keep my earbuds in place. For daytime runs, I usually remove the LED light before heading out as the hat looks fine without it and there is no point carrying extra weight.

If you need a headlight for running, fishing or other nocturnal activities then this is an excellent choice. It works well, is well made and comfortable and will not break the bank to buy it.

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