HASAGEI 350ml Travel Mug

This compact-sized 350ml drinking mug from HASAGEI arrived simply but adequately packaged in an almost plain white box. Inside was just the mug itself with nothing more required or included. Build quality seems fine, the mug is made from stainless steel with a dark red brushed metal finish and stainless steel inside. The base made from robust plastic with a non-slip finish. The plastic lid unscrews to give access to the interior and features an unusual and cleverly designed double hinged flap that folds out of the way when drinking and clips firmly shut the rest of the time.

Despite the flap folding completely out of the way I still found it rather awkward to drink from. The access hole, better described as a slot, for the contents is quite narrow and also some distance from the rim of the mug which makes locating it with the mouth and making a seal around it not very intuitive. That said, it does work and after some positioning, it works well enough.

As regards keep liquids warm or cool inside the closed mug it does a reasonable but not spectacular job. There is a marked temperature change over about six hours for both hot and cold water left in the closed mug at room temperature. Water at 83C went down to around 53C and cold water went from 17C to

The mug is well made and looks attractive, works reasonably well at maintaining a temperature although is rather awkward to drink from. Priced at £11.54 with a 500ml version on sale for just £12.43, it is not a bad buy but I suspect better alternatives are available.

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