Comica CVM-V30 PRO Camera Shotgun Mic

I have tried several microphones from COMICA previously and this new active powered £59.69 Shotgun Mic maintains the high standard and does not disappoint.

In the box was the rather large shotgun microphone with a prefitted shock mount, foam pop filter (also prefitted), a large and impressive wind muff and a well written and easy to read user guide. All that you will need aside from the two AAA batteries required can be found in the box.

The other shotgun microphones I have used, including those from Comica, have all been metal but this one has a plastic casing probably due to keeping the weight down due to the large size of the microphone and the batteries needed to power it. The cable to the camera is hard wired, which is a pity, as it means the microphone has to be binned if the cable fails. That aside, build quality is first-rate and up to the usual Comica standard with the Wind Muff or deadcat filter being particularly impressive.

The microphone itself is larger than the other shotgun mics I have used which allows it to hold the two AAA batteries needed to power it. Because of this, the microphone needs to be switched on before use using the three-position turret switch on the rear with a green/red status LED to confirm. Push the power switch fully to the right to power on and enter the normal operating mode with the LED showing green. When the battery level runs low the mic will still operate but the LED shows red.

The microphone has the option to boost the output by 10dB when needed and this is done by moving the power switch to the middle position, the LED remains green.

To reduce traffic rumble and other low-frequency noise, the microphone has a low-cut filter that cuts out sound below an 80Hz threshold, and this can be controlled via the top switch on the rear of the mic. This works effectively but should be used with care as it can adversely affect voice recordings.

The foam pop filter is prefitted and although it can be removed it is best left permanently in place with the wind muff fitting over it.

The Wind Muff is large, well made and impressive. It can be a little tricky to fit the first time, just take care to ensure the mic is inserted the correct way to allow the top of the muff to be folded over the end of the mic with the mic control panel poking through the small aperture.

The Shock Mount fits the hot/cold shoe of your camera and reduces noise from camera movement or lens autofocusing. The shock mount also has a standard 1/4″ thread fitting to allow off-camera mounting tripod mounting

The sound quality is good with plenty of bass and plenty of volume too It has a super-cardioid Polar Pattern coverage but unlike with some shotgun mics, this is not adjustable. For most users, this would be fine as it will pick up sounds in a broad field in front of the mic. The frequency range of 40Hz- 20 kHz is better than on some rivals I have tried and well suited for speech and interview use with an extended high-end range.

This is a good quality microphone, well made and with all that most users will need except for a carry case, which is a pity.

This is a decent quality microphone for a very attractive price.

The Good
Good Build Quality
Good Audio Quality
Lo-Cut Filter
+10dB Boost
Excellent Wind Muff

The Bad
No Carry Case
Cheaper Rivals Available
Hard Wired Cable

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