LHBD Cordless Electric Whisk

This compact sized lightweight rechargeable electric whisk is well made with a stylish design and presentation that belies the £19.99 price tag.

In the attractive presentation box are the handset, a short charging cable, a mixing head, whisk head, and a simple but well designed user guide in colour. Although the device is light in weight nevertheless it feels well made and tough enough to stay the distance, with the feel of a quality object.

The operation is simple enough. The device is charged through the micro-USB port on the base with status LEDs to confirm the charging state. The same LEDs confirm the selected power level which is controlled through the large operation button on the side where the thumb rests. Unlike with rivals devices which scrolls through the levels with each press, with this model press twice for the next level, press once to turn off. The unit is not silent in operation but even at the maximum 18000 rpm the noise is not excessive.

This device, which is a whisk rather than a mixer, is fine for milkshakes, souffles, light cake mixes or batters. The little motor is not designed for use with heavy cake mixtures, dry mixes or doughs. For the task for which it has been designed it works perfectly.

This little unit would be fine for youngsters in the kitchen, or the elderly, the disabled or those that lack the strength to use full-sized handheld mixers. It is nicely presented and has a quality feel to it and for the price is an excellent buy.,

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