Running Bulls 60 LED Globe Fairy Lights

Priced at just £11.19 before discounts, this 30ft set of indoor/outdoor globe lights seem better made than most, built to last and hopefully will not need to be replaced every year. They have an attractive design with small transparent globes housing the 60 LED’s which are warm white and add a pleasant effect to the summer garden or home. The set I selected are warm white but multicoloured, cool white and blue versions are also available.

Presentation in an attractive and well-designed box is nice with inside the 9.1 m length LED string set with hard-wired battery/control box, USB cable, remote control and a well written if rather poorly printed User Guide. The little globes are very attractive and far better than bare LED’s and although made from some form of plastic or resin, they do look like they are made from glass. The globes themselves are spaced at intervals giving a total length of 9.1 m.

The lights can be powered either by 3 AA batteries or by plugging into any standard USB socket using the cable provided. The transparent cable matches the lighting string but has a non standard plug on the end end, so take care not to lose it.. It is a pity a normal USB cable cannot be used. When using the lights outdoors on battery power be sure to insert the grommet into the power socket on the battery case to prevent water getting in.

The lighting string is IP67 water-resistant, enough to keep it protected from everything including water immersion, but the power supply is not and so for outdoor use be sure that it is plugged into an indoor or weatherproof external socket. The globes themselves are spaced at intervals giving a total length of 9.1 m.

Controlling the item is easy enough and can be most easily done using the credit card sized remote control. The remote control can be used to set the timer, lighting pattern and 10 step brightness level and turn the device turned off. The single button on the power supply can also be used to control the lighting set: short press the button to scroll between the 8 lighting modes, long press for timer setting( 6h on/ 18h off).

Once in position, the warm white lighting set does look good, aided perhaps by the large size of the glass effect lighting globes. Certainly, when correctly positioned they can add some real style to your room, garden or patio. If you need a set of decent quality robust indoor/outdoor globe string lights then this would be a very decent buy.

The Good
Good Build Quality
Good Price
Remote Control
8 Operating Modes
10 Brightness Levels

The Bad
Power Supply Not Waterproof

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