GUCOPGO Rechargeable Hair Trimmer

Priced at £39.99 before discounts this is not the cheapest hair trimmer I have tried but it is one of the lightest in weight and most stylishly designed and presented. I have tested budget-priced hair clippers and although they all worked perfectly well they lacked the premium feel of this device.

In the minimalist and rather stylish product box was the trimmer itself, two clip-on comb cutting guides, a cleaning brush, USB power cable and a well written and easy to read User Guide. Annoyingly for the price, no storage case is included.

Weighing in at just 140g the trimmer feels light in the hand, but none the worse for that and feels well made and robust with a distinctly premium feel. There are no controls to worry about, there is just one large button on the front to turn the single-speed motor off and on.

The hair trimmer is powered by either the built-in 500mAh Li-Ion battery or directly by the USB charging cable. Take note that it uses a non-standard USB cable, so be sure not to lose it. In operation, the clippers are genuinely low noise and vibration free and despite this manage to cut neatly and well. The guide combs clip on and off quickly and easily and make it far easier to get a neat cut. The ceramic cutting blade easily removes for cleaning by pushing it forward and away from the trimmer body.

The trimmer is designed, we are told, for ‘below the waist’ areas but I see no reason why it cannot be used for general hair cutting and body hair removal. It seems powerful enough for general use and the included comb guides look very similar for those I have tried for barbershop use.

This is a cut above the rivals I have tried and I think worth the price difference. This has the feel of a quality piece of kit that I hope should last well.

The Good
Good Build Quality
Light Weight
Low Noise
Dual Power Options
2 Guide Combs

The Bad
No Carry Case

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