RETREAD ATHLETICS 600ml Sports Water

This nicely made and attractive sports water bottle is currently reduced to just £2.99 which has to make it a good buy despite the many similar rivals. My one is blue but the bottle is available in a range of colours.

In the colourful branded product box is just the bottle itself with no user guide or information sheet included as all the necessary info is printed on the box.

The 600ml bottle, which is made from safe BPA free plastic, weighs just 100g but feels tough and robust enough for daily sporting use. The bottle has a semi-matt and easy to grip surface and offers a little give when squeezed. The material is translucent and allows the content level to be checked against the volume scale printed on the side before exercise begins. The bottle has concave sides with easy-grip panels to ensure a secure grip when running and a lanyard grab handle for double security.

One selling point of the bottle is the unique flip-top which can be opened and closed with the thumb using just one hand although when closed it forms a secure leakproof seal. Another nice touch is the inclusion of a removable filter inside the lip of the bottle which is fine enough to catch fruit or other particles without slowing down water flow.

This is a simple and well made sports water bottle that gets the job done at a very reasonable price.

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