Sealapack 4 pack Reusable Toaster Bags

This set of four toaster bags from Sealapack are priced at £3.40 which is pretty much par for the course and the bags themselves seem no better or worse than the many others I have tried.

The pack consists of two separately packaged sets of two bags. The bags are nicely presented in an eye-catching pack with all the information you need, such as it is, on the pack itself.

The bags are each 16×16.5cm in size can be reused multiple times and are washable and in fact, we are advised to wash the bags before first use. We are not told what the bags are made of but often it is from a Teflon coated polyurethane base.

I found that the bags will accommodate standard sized UK thick-sliced white bread with a thin to medium layer of cheese between the slices. It is a bit of a squeeze but it does fit and in fact, a tight fit is better as it holds the sandwich contents together. You do not have to just use the bags for toast and they can be used to warm up pizza slices or anything else you get in them but remember the bags are not watertight and if over filled may split along the seams.

When toasting a sandwich I find it best to lay the bag sideways into the toaster at first and then turn it upright with the bag opening on the top once the contents start to melt. The bags can be washed in warm soapy water or even in the dishwaher after use.

These bags, as with all the others I have used, will start to split along the seams with age will continue to work provided the contents are not too runny.

These bags seem as well made as any of the others and are similarly priced and are worth the price asked although so far as I can tell they have nothing to offer that the many rivals do not.

The Good
Good Price
Dishwasher Safe

The Bad
Too small for non standard bread slices
Seams split over time

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