PROGRACE Kids Camcorder

You cannot really expect much for $33 but in fact, this little kids camcorder is distinctly better than I thought it would be. It is available at the same price in both pink and blue.

In the attractive box can be found the Camera, 32Gb Micro SD Card, Lanyard, Carry Bag, USB Cable, and a well written and useful colour User Guide. Build quality is lightweight, as to be expected, but the quality seems fine for the price.

The camera is basically a scaled down camcorder with all the usual controls and settings. There is a pull out folding colour 2.4″ LCD panel that can be rotated up to 270° to allow for selfies, which reveals a small control panel on the body with proper physical buttons for power, menu and track navigation. On top of the camera is a single button for video and photo taking and confirming menu selections. All are simple and easy to operate. The control buttons also give access to the 4 built-in Puzzle Games as well as the 8 Special Effects, 7 Image Filters, and 10 Image Frames included to enhance photos and video.

The camera can output video with audio at up to 1080p and still images up to 16Mp according to the user guide. Video quality at 1080p is not too good with poor resolution and a slow and stuttering frame rate but switching to 720p greatly improves the results and will surely be more than adequate for the small users this device is aimed at. The included filters and frames will make up for the relatively low image quality and add to the fun value of this as a toy.

Construction quality is fine for the price and if treated well there is nothing that makes me think it will fail anytime soon. I would worry about the longevity of the fold-out screen, not because of poor build quality, but from my knowledge of kids, but older youngsters should have enough common sense to treat it gently.

All in all, for the price this is a fun little camera that will keep young hands busy and perhaps be the first step for a future YouTube star.

More Info and Purchase: UK