Massway 3 Way Flexible Extension Lead

This tough and well made three-way power adapter works well and gets the job done although there are cheaper rivals out there.

In the attractive but simple product box are the plug adapter itself and a small and rather hard to read information sheet and user guide. Build quality is first rate. The adapter feels tough, robust and built to last and feels a cut above the budget no-name rivals available from the bargain bin stores. The unusual short cable design allows the plugboard to be positioned where a normal adapter could not fit but without the inconvenience of a long trailing cable.

The adapter has a standard 13A UK power in plug with a very short heavy duty cable leading to the plugboard itself. On the front of the plugboard are the three 13A sockets widely spaced enough to allow non standard plugs to be fitted with above them a tiny status LED and a large proper clicky button to turn the sockets off and on. The sockets can only be controlled together and not separately. On the top of the device can be found three smart sensing USB A charging ports rated at 3.1A in total with a maximum output of 2.4A per port.

That is all there is to it. The plug adapter is tough and well made and a cut above most rivals in that respect. There are many cheaper rivals out there if you feel the £22.49 is too much but if you would prefer to pay more for quality then this would be a decent buy.

The Good
Good Build Quality
Attractive Design
Unusual Form Factor
Power Switch
Status LED

The Bad
No Individual socket switches

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