YABER Pro V7 Projector

Priced at £189.99 this is not an inexpensive projector, there are plenty of cheaper rivals out there, but for the build quality and feature set, this projector from YABER takes some beating. That said, ultimately I found the image quality, although good, to be less than I expected.

Inside the box aside from the projector itself was a full-sized remote control, a power cable with UK plug, AV Cable, HDMI cable, Lens cap, cleaning set, cleaning cloth, a carry case and an English language User Guide.

This projector has a stylish design lacking from the more old fashioned looking and angular rivals. Build quality is excellent, the plastic casing of the projector feels well made and robust as does the remote and other accessories. Nothing feels flimsy or about to fall off or break. The power cable is heavy duty with a standard UK plug, although a longer cable would be better for ceiling mount use. The User Guide is nicely printed, well written and tells you all you need to know. The infrared remote control is full-sized with proper physical clicky buttons and a dedicated button for automatic keystone correction. The main control buttons can also be found on the top of the projector itself. It has all the usual ports and connections: x2 HDMI, x 2 USB, audio out and AV.

This projector has some high end features not often found at this price point: Native Resolution: 1920 x 1080 with 4K downscaling, an impressive contrast ratio is of 12000:1, brightness a remarkable 9000 Lumens (380 ANSI Lumens). The best projection distance is 50-350 ” (Optimum is 120″). Aspects ratios of 16:9, 4.3, and Auto are supported. Keystone correction is horizontal ±50, and vertical ±50 and can be controlled in two modes. It offers dual mode wifi and Bluetooth 5.00 wireless connectivity.

To operate you can use the supplied remote control, or the button set found on top of the projector itself. The projector can connect to your home wifi network for streaming and offers Bluetooth 5.0 for lag-free audio although the projector does have decent quality stereo speakers built-in. I used it with an Amazon Firestick connected to the HDMI port with a USB port for power and used the Firestick’s own wifi and Bluetooth connections. External drives and other devices can be connected via USB.

One of the main selling points of this model is the dual mode and powerful keystone correction. Most basic models offer manual correction only controlled manually from the projector itself. Here you control it from the handset either by moving any of the four points of the image or automatically using their own ‘6D’ system which automatically compensates for movements of the projector which misalign the image. Just press the 6D handset button and the image magically correct itself. I have to say this system is easy to use and works well.

I found it gave a good, bright, well-saturated image at a throw distance of around 5m with a stable focus and good keystone stability when used in a darkened room. There are various modes available through the on-screen settings panel that give a choice of colour saturation and contrast. The image can also be zoomed from the handset to get the best picture size between 50 and 100%. I found the image to be larger and brighter than from my normal projector and in fact, I had to scale the image down to about 75% to fit my screen area. The sound from the built-in speaker output is pretty decent but for anything larger than medium sized rooms an external speaker will be needed and there is an audio out port to allow for this. The fan is not the noisiest I have encountered but is by no means quiet but the fan noise is not sharp and grating but more of a dull background hum.

The mid range price gets you some high-end features but if you are after a projector for professional use then keep on looking. The light output is fine for home use but works best in a darkened or semi-darkened room. The image quality is clear and bright without fringing and it holds focus well. The colours are great for the price but less saturated than you would find on a pro level projector. The native 1080p resolution will be enough for all HD and below image sources but there is no native 4K as to be expected for the price. This means it will work with most current devices and the wide range of inputs including smartphone mirroring over wifi supports this.

I did have high hopes for this projector and in many ways these hopes have been realised: the image is bright and clear with good saturation, the projector is well made, well-specified and easy to use. In the end, despite the large size and brightness of the image, I did not feel it was as sharp as on my usual projector and had a slight fuzziness to it. I did not like the focus wheel which I found a bit stiff and less smooth in operation than I am accustomed to. Despite having read many good things about this device I decided, in the end, to stick with my WiMiUS P28, which is not as bright, well made or easy to use, but ultimately yields a better image, at least to my eyes.

Those in search of a good quality mid range projector with decent image quality and with support for all the standard functions may well find what they need here. For most new home theatre owners with a small to medium sized projection room, this would be very well suited. If you want an autofocus unit with perfect colour fidelity for professional use in an undarkened room and with a huge image then this one is not for you and expect to pay very much more to find it.

This is a good quality device with good quality and above average resolution. It is priced far below high end professional projectors but it is by no means a budget device as regards its capabilities. It punches a good deal above its price point and offers probably the best feature set and design quality I have yet found in this range.

If you need a decent mid range projector or to upgrade from your entry level model then for the price this would not be a bad choice although I do think a sharper image can be found elsewhere.

The Good
Good Build Quality
Very Bright Image
Short Throw Lens
Excellent User Guide
Dual Mode Keystone Correction
Image Zoom
Full Size Remote Control
Manual Control Option
1080p Native Resolution
Two USB ports

The Bad
Image Quality Disappointing
No Batteries Included
Needs Darkened Room
Non Intuitive Lens Cap
Power Cable Too Short

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