Prograce Kids Smart Watch

I was not expecting too much from a smartwatch designed for children aged 4-12 but in fact, it is far better made and in some ways on a par with watches aimed at the adult market. Priced at £37.99 it is not the cheapest out there but the build quality and attention to detail shown are reflected in the price.

In the simple and rather garish box is just the watch, a rather short charging cable and a small but well written user guide in colour. Build quality seems fine and provided it is kept out of water there is no reason this watch should not last the course.

The watch looks good and does not actually look like a watch designed for children. My one is made from blue ABS plastic but looks quite stylish and I would not be embarrassed to wear it on my own wrist. On the front above the 1.5″ LCD colour screen is the selfie camera which can be rotated to get the best shot and flipped onscreen for best viewing, Below the screen is the Return button and microphone and below that is the 3.5mm headphone jack and speaker. On one side of the watch body is the reset aperture and torch and on the other within a grommet protected port are the micro-USB charging port and micro-SD memory card slot for cards up to 32GB in capacity.

The bright and responsive colour touch screen by default has a clear and easy to read display showing the time, date, battery level and step count. Side swiping gives access to screens including Camera, Photo Album, Music Player, Audio Recorder, Calculator, Calendar, FM Radio (plug in headphones to serve as an antenna), Bluetooth Headphone Connection, Step Counter, Tools (Alarm, Stopwatch, Countdown Timer, File Manager), Games, and Settings.

The included games, as to be expected, are simple but can be entertaining enough and include GalaxyWars, Flying Bird, Car Race, Pie In The Sky, and 2048.

The Settings sub menu allow the date and time to be set, volume adjusted and the factory resetting of the phone.

Don’t go expecting too much from the camera. It does work but is slow and clunky to operate and the final results are dim, murky and small in size. But then this is a kids camera and no doubt they will be happy with it. There is no video option but the still images can be selected and deleted on the watch itself.

That’s it, that is all there is to it. The watch is well made and looks nice and performs well enough provided you do not expect too much from the camera. I am far from sure that children as young as 4 will be able to use it fully and indeed it may well be too large for young wrists but for bigger children it will serve as a music player, timepiece and a stepping stone towards a more expensive watch in the future.

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