GNCC C1 Indoor Camera Baby Monitor

The GNCC C1 Indoor Camera Baby Monitor is a camera designed to watch over pets, babies or for general home security with 1080p video, motion detection and two-way audio using the newly developed OSAIO smartphone app. I should say that this little camera offers far more features than I was expecting for the £24.99 price.

In the box can be found the camera, UK power supply, USB cable, wall mount screw set, and a nicely printed and well-written User Guide. Although lightweight, build quality seems fine and the camera has an attractive and modern design. On the front is the lens with Night Vision LEDs, a status LED and the microphone opening and on the rear, the speaker grill, power in port and reset aperture. On the side is the easy to access micro-SD card port. It features a built-in adjustable stand with wall mounting slots on the underside. There is no Ethernet port or external antenna and the cameras have an emphasis on compact size and stylish looks.

The excellent OSAIO app for Android and iOS app from GNCC offers a simple walkthrough connection and is the same app is used by the rest of the GNCC security camera range. The older Victure app can also recognise and use this camera.

Setting up the cameras is simple enough. The first thing to do is to download and install the OSAIO app, You have to register the app before use but doing so is free and you can use a disposable email address to do so. Take note to ensure the phone used to configure the camera is connected to a 2.4Ghz network, not 5Ghz. After installing and registering the app and plugging in the camera follow the in-app instructions to add a new camera aided by audio alerts. After inputting your home wifi details the app automatically and very quickly sends this to the camera which then connects automatically to the wifi network. Unlike with older cameras, there is no web-based interface so you cannot connect directly to the camera using your web browser.

This model has a clean 1080P image quality which is clearly not the upscaled 720p of some lesser rivals. Video quality from the 120° wide-angle lens is one of the best I found for this price bracket. Unlike with older budget security cameras, this one boasts an i/r cut filter which when not needed removes the nighttime infrared filter to ensure good colour fidelity daytime images. Night Vision works well with coverage up to around 9M from the 8 camera LEDs. It supports two-way audio which means it serves well as a general-purpose communications monitor and in fact audio quality recorded by the camera is excellent. It also integrates with Amazon Alexa and Google Home for voice and automated control and live video streaming.

Like most rivals, this camera has both audio motion detection triggers and even offers detection zones although there is no motion tracking. The lack of audio in/out ports means external hardware cannot be used to improve the speaker quality. The camera is not weatherproof which means it should be used indoors only.

The camera has the option to save video and audio manually within the app as well as to the SD card or to an optional cloud connection, which offers a 15-day free trial. There are two cloud storage plan types, the first gives access to all alert triggered videos, the second is for always-on 24/7 recording access. If you use an SD card (none is provided) make sure you use a Class 10 or better card – the card must be able to cope with the high-speed data stream from the camera otherwise the results will be jittery and poor. A card of up to 64GB can be used.

This is a high-quality security camera set capable of excellent results. The price is fantastic for the features on offer and allows me to overlook the lack of a web-based User Interface and lack of a few high-end features.

The Good
Stylish design
Great price
Night Vision
Motion Detection
Detection Zones
In-app real-time push alerts
Two-way audio
SD card slot
Good Video Quality
Voice Alerts
Supports Amazon/Google

The Bad
No Direct Access To SD card Video
No 5Ghz wifi support
No audio out port
No audio in port
No Web Interface

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