Wantek A602 Corded USB Headset with Mic

As people increasingly work from home equipment formerly only used in the office or workplace is finding its way into the home environment. If you work from a home or small office and find yourself continually dealing with phone calls then you may well have a need for this self-contained call centre headset.

In the rather plain and business like product box was just the headset itself and a well written and nicely printed single sheet User Guide The headset has a fully adjustable boom mic and has a pair of comfortable on-ear memory foam padded leather earcups which feel far nicer than the cheaper foam padded earcups too often used. The headset feels comfortable and light in use and I would guess would be fine for extended use. The extended cable hard-wired has a standard USB plug on the end and a large inline control panel with volume up and down buttons, mute buttons for the headset and microphone and status LEDs for power and microphone. All is explained in the user Guide which is large, well written and easy to read and I include a scan of it in my unboxing video.

The non-detachable microphone stalk can be rotated 330°, positioned as close to the mouth as needed and then folded up and out of the way when not. The microphone comes with a foam pop filter prefitted which can be removed when required. The microphone can be muted when not needed using the control panel with a status LED to confirm status.

Sound quality is not usually of prime importance when designing call centre style headsets but this model is the exception with headphone sound quality that is more than adequate for home use for music and speech. The microphone too is better than I expected, not fantastic, but certainly above average for the price. I found the gain was a little low and needed to be boosted for my video and there was some background hum but remember this is a call centre microphone not intended for audio recording use.

Call quality seems fine on both ends of the conversation and I had no trouble making and receiving calls through this headset. The headset is lightweight and comfortable and the unpadded headband can be flexed to almost any position for comfort. It is very suited for long office sessions and the user soon forgets it is being worn. However, due to the light weight, it is probably not very robust, so take care not to drop or sit on it.

Priced at £29.99 it is not inexpensive and there may be cheaper and better rivals out there, but it is nicely made, works well and gets the job done and is probably a decent buy.

The Good
Good Price
Excellent Build Quality
Good Call Quality
Mic Mute Button
Excellent User Guide

The Bad
Lightweight Construction
Headband Not Padded
No Storage Case

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