SOULION R40 RGB Computer Speakers

These are marketed as computer speakers but they work perfectly well as general purpose speakers, having an attractive design, compact size and, most importantly, good sound quality.

In the well designed and attractive product box are the speakers themselves with a USB power cable, and a heavy-duty audio cable both hardwired into the speaker boxes, together with a well written and easy to read user guide. Build quality all seem first-rate with nothing looking likely to fail, pack in or drop off anytime soon.

The speakers look good and are well made as well as attractively designed with a single 2.5” loudspeaker in each box. The USB and audio cables are both glassy black and heavy duty although it is a pity they are non-detachable and hard-wired in place. The USB connection is designed to power the Bluetooth and LED displays and does not support data or audio. The speakers will work perfectly well as regular speakers with the USB cable unplugged. Across both speakers is an angled strip of multi-coloured LED lights with the appearance of a mutating, ever changing coloured line rather than separate LEDs.

The controls are simple enough. On the right of one of the speakers are a vertical row of four proper clicky buttons, the bottom three being the usual track and audio controls with the top button turning the speakers off and on as well as scrolling through the six LED light modes. The six modes are: Flowing, Breathing, Jumping, solid Red solid Blue, and solid Green.

The speakers use an up to date Bluetooth 5.0 connection and the device defaults to this when switched on and if not already connected switches to Bluetooth mode, which can also be found by long-pressing the Mode button. Voice prompts confirm the mode change. When in pairing mode just look for ‘R40’ on the remote device and the speakers will connect with an audio confirmation tone. Subsequent connections are transparent and instantaneous.

Sound quality is excellent for the size with plenty of bass, clear and well defined mid-tones and an upper register that is not too harsh or sibilant.

These are attractive and well made speakers, fine for compter or general use with a sound that belies their compact size. With an introductory price of £26.99 before discounts makes them a very attractive buy.

The Good
Good Audio Quality
Good Build Quality
Attractive Design
Bluetooth 5.0
Eye Catching LED display

The Bad
HardWired Cables

More Info and Purchase