YINN Deluxe Dog Cave Bed

It was time to get a new bed for Poppy, her current one is getting a bit old and smelly and she needs something to keep her warm better in winter. I have seen these scallop style beds before and they certainly look comfy enough. If she does not like it then perhaps our other dog, Blenheim, may take a shine to it. There are three sizes available and we bought the medium-sized version for £46.99, which should be large enough for either dog. I should add that seems to be a large number of rivals that look identical and are similarly priced.

The bed arrived well packed in a thick outer shipping bag with the bed compressed tightly into a reusable heavy duty vacuum bag. The bed certainly seems well made, with very a well padded but supportive channelled spring wound poly-filled pillow with a fold over cover supported by an internal rigid frame. The bed itself has a sheepskin style look and feel to it with an external suede finish to the outside. The outside cover has a double zip to allow the internal padding to be removed before washing. The cover can be machine washed and tumble dried. The underside of the bed is made from what seems to be a water resistant oxford cloth like material.

The bed looks and feels immensely comfortable and if they brought out a larger version I would sleep in it myself. The upper part of the bed is like a mini canopy and extends about two thirds of the way over the bed to allow the dog to bury themselves inside should they wish but not enough to get in the way when they don’t and can be folded back out of the way.

Both Poppy and Blenheim are taken with the novelty of it but do not yet see it as a bed so much as an oversized toy. Time will tell but I am confident that one or either of them will adopt for bedtime use soon. If they don’t maybe I will, if I can squeeze inside.

The Good
Well made
Heavily Padded
Folding Top
Machine Washable

The Bad
Large Size

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