Hokone 9W Eye-Care Desk Light

I have reviewed plenty of angle lamps before, but never one like this. This new lamp from Hokone has a form factor that I have seen before but is scaled up in size, build quality and light output.

The lamp arrived lavishly presented in a rather upmarket and stylish box, a distinct upgrade from the cheap boxes of the many rivals. The box contained the lamp suitably well protected and a nicely printed, easy to read but rather unnecessary user guide.

The lamp consists of a 12-inch 90 LED flat head light unit on the end of a 27-inch gooseneck with an extra large screw-down clamp base. The clamp, which will lock to surfaces up to 3.5 inches thick, is suitably padded to protect the desk and is robust and secure. Once in place, the lamp can rotate within the clamp mount and the white silicone gooseneck bent and positioned in almost any attitude. The long, slim gooseneck can almost literally be tied into a knot, it is so flexible. The lamp is powered by an external three-pin UK pin mains adapter with a cable that is plugged directly into the base of the lamp.

Using this single-button lamp could not be simpler. Press the soft-touch Power Button on the end of the lamp head to turn the device off and on, double clicking the Power button will scroll between the three colour temperatures on offer – Warm, Standard, and cool white. Long press to vary the brightness of the light.

The light is as bright as you might expect for the size with a light that is stable and flicker-free with a colour temperature range of between 3000K and 6000K. In fact, the main selling point has to be the light quality which is smooth, even, eye-friendly and with true stemless dimming.

This is a simple and attractive lamp that does what it is supposed to do and does it well. If you need a larger than average office or desktop style lamp for work or reading then this would be a great buy. If you need a super flexible, extra large gooseneck desk lamp then at £36.99 before discounts, this could be what you need.

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