Wamife 1200W Smoothie Maker Blender

With a 1200W motor this is one of the most powerful blenders I have used and although rather utilitarian in design it certainly get the job done.

The Blender arrived well packaged in a large and attractive box inside of which was the motor base, mixer jug, jug cap, User Guide and a travel cup. The User Guide is large, well printed and easy to read and I enclose a scan of it in my unboxing video.

The blender base is large and hefty and has a decidedly industrial look to it. It has a brushed steel finish and sports large and easy to find controls. On the front it has an large and well marked buttons for Pulse, Ice Crushing, and Smoothie , with below a large stepless blending speed dial. The mixing jug is made from glass and not the plastic used by many rivals. The jug lid is is a firm fit with a dual flexible seal around the sides and incorporates a plastic measuring dispenser into the access hole.

Given the size of the unit I was expecting it to be very noisy but in fact it was not. Surprising too was the fact that it did not move around too much when in use due to the rubber suction caps built into the base. To operate it just place the glass jug in place and turn it clockwise to lock it in position. After adding the ingrediants to the jug and replacing the liod either press the preset button or rotate the dial to the desired mixing speed. For short operations press the Pulse button for short high speed operation.

I was amazed at the power of the device, as my video shows ice cubes were turned into snow in just a few seconds. It seems it will blend virtually anything put into it. It will be perfect for smoothies, ice crushing, drinks, soup and with a capacity of 1.5Ltr several servings can be made at once. The dedicated ice crushing button puts the emphasis on drinks making for this device although pretty much anything can be made in it. I plan to use it to make nut butters and am confident it will be able to cope with the task.

This is a simple, powerful blender and smoothy maker with the focusing being given to performance and ease of use.

This is a very powerful and easy to use blender and although no thing of beauty should perform pretty much any task thrown at it. The inclusion of a travel mug is a nice bonus and rfeinforces the drinks making focus of the device. The current Amazon price of £84.99 before discounts is very attractive and far less than that of the Big Name rivals.

The Good
Low price
Good build quality
Powerful 23000rpm/1200W motor
Large easy to operate controls
Travel Mug Included
Good User Guide
Large 1.5L Glass jug
Low Noise

The Bad
More Powerful Rivals Available
Larger Rivals Available

More Info and Purchase