Ticktime Desk Timer Cube

This is a deceptively simple and cleverly designed little item made with an attention to detail not usually found in devices of this sort. Priced at £38.99 it is not inexpensive but for many users, it will be worth paying that bit more for quality.

In the box is the timer itself, a short USB charging cable and well written and easy to read User Guide. Build quality, as I would expect for the price, is excellent, constructed from robust ABS plastic. Nicely presented too it has a quality and upmarket feel to it.

The timer, weighing in at 58g and sized 45 x 42 x 48 mm is a hexagonal polygon made from Electroplated ABS with 6 large preset time periods displayed along the sides for 3,5,10,15,25 and 30 minutes with the current selection automatically backlit in blue. Custom timers can be set up to a maximum period of 99 hours. On one end is the full coloured if rather small LCD display for the timer countdown, audio volume, mute and battery status, along with a micro-USB charging port and buttons for volume and timer tuning. On the other end is a simple power status display. The unit has a magnetic base to allow it to be clamped to any metallic object, but although it does work well enough the magnet is not as strong as it might be, so take care.

Using the TICKTIME is simple enough. After power on by pressing either of the two physical buttons on the display panel simply rotate the device to select the desired preset, and the countdown starts automatically and is displayed on the status screen. Pressing the buttons with the display upright will adjust the countdown period, whilst pressing with the unit on its side will adjust the alarm volume. When the timer period ends and the alarm sound, simply upend it to cancel the alarm. Setting the screen side face down will begin a simple count up process.

This is an excellent little device, cleverly designed and well made that gets the job done with a minimum of fuss and bother. It is functional and attractive enough for use in the kitchen but techy enough to appeal to the nerds amongst us There are many cheaper alternatives available but few will have either the build quality or stylishness of the TICKTIME.

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