TnYoYo Scart to HDMI Converter

This is a refreshingly simple and easy to use little device.
Constructed with a robust aluminium alloy casing it is a small box with a SCART input port on one side and an HDMI output port on the other. On the HDMI side is a switch to select between 1080p and 720 outputs and a micro-USB power in port together with a power status LED.

To use simply plug in the SCART lead from your TV or other source devices into the box and the HDMI to your TV into the other side. Connect the power supply, confirming the status LED shows green, and there you go. No drivers or additional software is needed, all the clever stuff takes place inside the box.

The converter supports PAL, NTSC3.58, NTSC 4.43, SECAM, PALM, PAL N and most video formats of yesteryear. It should work with any standard VHS, STB, PS2, DVD Player, Sky or Xbox with a SCART output. The output is standard HDMI in 1080p or 720p. Be aware that the converter will not convert the other way around, from HDMI to SCART in the unlikely event you wanted it. For best results make sure the connected SCART cable is no more than 8m in length and the HDMI no more than 7m and that both cables conform to the AMG26 standard (they will).

This is a true plug and play device that should work every time. It is well made and at just £9.99 well priced too. If you want to bring your old videos back to life, then this might be just what you need.

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