HOPEFOX Dual Lens Endoscopic Inspection Camera

Most of the other endoscopes or inspection cameras I have tried have needed a smartphone to work, connected to it either through USB or Bluetooth. No so here, this is a stand alone device and all you need is in the box.

There is indeed a full kit included in the box. You get the combined LCD screen and control box with a hard-wired 5m heavy duty cable with the camera lens on the end, a semi-rigid storage case, charging cable, a soft lens guard, a 32Gb micro-SD card and a well written and easy to read user guide. Also included is an all metal accessory kit that attaches to the end of the lens and includes a magnet tool, mirror tool, hook tool and a lens protector. Build quality is excellent throughout and this product is clearly designed for commercial as well as home use.

Looking at the unit we see the 4.3″ colour LCD screen on the front with good sized physical buttons for screen brightness, recording on/off, menu navigation, settings, mode selection and lens selection. On the top is the large sized power on/off button. On the side of the device is a grommet protected bay containing the reset button, micro-USB port, charging status LED, and micro-SD card slot.

The device has a built-in non replaceable 2600mAh Lithium Ion battery which is charged through the micro-USB port in the bay on the side. One charge should give around four hours of run time.

Operating the unit is simple enough. After powering on and ensuring the FAT32 formatted memory card is in place (a 32GB card is included although a card of up to 64GB can be used) the screen will begin displaying whatever the lens can see. You can then record 720p video or 2M sized still images to the memory card. You can then review and delete the recordings directly on the LCD screen or remove the card to review the contents on your computer.

One selling point with this endoscope is the dual lens option which allows the user to select either the lens on the tip of the 5m probe or the secondary lens facing to the side of the tip. Another feature is the inclusion of a set of accessories that fit onto the probe tip to allow simple tasks to be performed.

Video quality is excellent considering the size of the lens and the low price of the device. It is worth noting that although the videos could be viewed perfectly on the LCD screen, my Mac could not natively read them and I had to use VLC Media Player to do so. Also, when making the review video I had to change them to another format before Davinci Resolve could render them.

This is an excellent device, well made and robust enough for commercial use but simple enough for use at home with results good enough for both. For the current price of £59.99, this is rather a good buy.

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