XAEIOW Rechargeable Bike Light Set

This otherwise fairly standard front and rear bike light set does bring a few interesting features to the table. This is the first I have seen with a stand alone fog light, a separate 1000 Lumen warm white front facing LED light which can be used separately or together with the 4000 Lumen headlight.

In the box is the front light, mounting bracket, charging cable, no user guide is included or needed. Separately packaged is the rear light together with a charging cable and mounting band.

The front light feels tough and robust with an aluminium alloy casing and heavy duty plastic facia protecting the five front facing LEDs, two for the fog light and three for the headlight. On the top are backlit buttons to turn the fog and headlights on and off with the two lights working together or separately. Above them is a brightly lit LCD screen showing the current battery status and both this and the lighting buttons remain illuminated when active. On the underside is the bracket for the quick-release plastic handlebar mount and on the rear, a grommet protected bay housing the USB-C power in socket and the USB-A power bank output port. The rear light is a pretty standard circular red LED light with grommet protected USB charging port on the back and a single button on the top for operation. The rear light is secured with a rubber tension strip of the sort widely used.

Both lights are rechargeable, the front using USB-C, the rear with a micro-USB port. Both have a run time of up to 10 hours depending on the lighting mode in use.

Operating the front light is easy enough. Press the top button for the headlight at full power, again for half power, and a third time for flashing mode. Press the Fog light button once to turn on and again to turn off. Press the rear light button to scroll through the three brightness modes and three flashing modes.

The front light can be easily removed and used as a handheld torch or flashlight with the powerful combined 5000 lumen lamp being easily bright enough for this purpose. It can also be used as an emergency power bank using the USB-A output port in the rear bay. We are not told the capacity of the battery, but it should be fine to top up your phone in an emergency when on the road.

This is a well made and robust bike light set with some unusual and interesting features and for the £27.99 price before discounts, a very worthwhile buy.

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