ELIVED EV008 Tilt TV Wall Bracket

I have just got a 55-inch TV for the bedroom and it needed to be wall mounted. I have had bad experiences in the past when wall mounting TVs and so I wanted to make sure this time would all go smoothly. I selected this kit due to the good reviews it received, the flexible mounting options and the attractive price. I think I made the right choice.

The kit includes all you need with every option covered including different mounts and screws for solid and plasterboard walls. A spirit level and spanner are also included. The large and well printed instructions are clear and easy to follow and there is also an excellent video available on the Amazon page showing the installation process. All the materials are of good quality and the frame and mount are both heavy-duty and robust. The components are supplied in separate bags labelled and letter coded to tie in with the user guide. The sheer number of screws, nuts and spacers included can seem a bit off putting, but remember you will only need those suitable for the surface you are securing the mount to. For my TV which was to be fitted to a stone wall, I needed just four screws for the TV rear mounts and four heavy-duty screws for the wall mount.

The key to getting it right is to plan the job fully in advance.
I also made sure I had the correct drill bits to hand along with a good quality drill and ratchet socket set needed for the installation process. I set it all up in advance, measuring and marking up the wall as needed. One good thing about this kit is that the mount does not need to be exactly central as the TV can be slid from left to right once on the wall but of course, it is crucial to ensure the wall mount is installed square and level.

To fit first, fit the two upright metal bars to the rear of the TV with the release catch end at the bottom. A full range of screws and spacers are included to fit the mounting holes on any TV.

Then assemble the two halves of the wall mount and secure it to the wall. It is crucial to do this correctly according to the wall type you have. The wall mount has a rail on the top and another near the bottom.

The TV can then be lowered onto the top rail of the wall mount with the weight of the TV clicking it in place onto the lower rail. The catches on the TV rear mount bars will lock it in place. Once mounted the TV can be slid on the rails from side to side. It can be removed from the wall mount by pulling the two hanging cords releasing the lower rail catches allowing the TV to be lifted off the wall mount.

The TV can be tilted forwards if needed using the supplied Allen key to adjust the two TV rear mount bars. I did not need to do this myself but I would think this is best done in advance as access to the adjustment slots could be tricky with the TV in place.

It took me a while to get the job done mainly due to checking and double checking my measurements and taking care that each stage was done correctly. If I had to fir another I could do it in half the time. The only downside is that after the installation you will be left with a bag of unused screws, washers, and spacers.

This is an excellent mounting kit, everything needed is in the box and clearly identified. The instructions are simple and easy to follow and once mounted the TV feels stable and secure.
For the £22.09 price, this is an excellent buy.

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