SIBI Rechargeable Under Cabinet Light

I have tried quite a few stick-on lights of this type but this 48 LED model is one the best designed and easiest to use so far.

In the branded and attractive product box, you receive the light unit, two metal mounting brackets, a short USB recharging cable and a well written and easy to read User Guide.

The build quality seems excellent. Everything Seems robust and well made and nothing looks about to fail anytime soon. A longer charging lead would have been nice, but that would add to the cost I suppose. The light looks great, with a brushed metal finish with plastic endpoints.

There are three ways to mount the light. The two metal brackets can be screwed in place and the unit stuck magnetically to them, however only two areas of the light are magnetic and so it will need to be carefully positioned to the brackets. The same is true if the brackets are held in place using the double-sided sticky tape which already in place on the brackets. Finally, the light unit can be stuck magnetically to any suitable metal surface.

There is a long row of 48 warm white LED’s with the motion sensor in the raised bubble on one end. The only control is the three turret switch next to the charging port on one end. Turn one way for always on, the centre position for Off, and switch the other way for Motion/Light Detection. The settings are clearly marked and easy to read.

Charging the unit is done with the micro-USB port. The sensor bubble shows red during charging and changes to blue when the 1100mAh Polymer Lithium is fully charged. A full charge should take around three hours which should give around four hours of continuous use and up to two months on standby.

Once set the 120-degree wide sensing range motion detection turns the LEDs on for about twenty seconds when triggered. The light is not too harsh and at 3000K it is pleasantly warm to the eye. which means it is pleasant enough on the eye.

At 30cm in length, this light is quite large and so care should be taken where to locate it. It may well be too large and bright for some positions but is fine in medium-sized or larger areas. It can be positioned for under-counter use but in fact can be used in dark areas, in a cupboard or anywhere where instant light is required.

At 19.99 it is not the cheapest I have tried but it does work well and offers some advantages over the rivals I have tested and so I think it is a pretty decent buy.

The Good
Slimline Design
Well Marked Switch
Bright Warm Light
Easy to Mount
Good Build Quality

The Bad
Restricted Magnetic Areas
Short Charging Cable
Cannot Operate When Charging

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