SYLSTAR 24W Smart LED Ceiling Light Review

I needed a new ceiling light for my office. The last one had all sorts of whistles and bells I didn’t need and so when it packed in I decided to look around for a more basic model. I found the 24w 30 cm diameter model SL-CL-24 from SYLSTAR which answers pretty much all my needs.

In the box is just the light unit itself together with a simple screw fitting kit and a well written and informative user guide. The lamp is lightweight but seems well made with a detachable shade to soften the light and give access to the wiring inside. The lamp is IP44 waterproof which means the occasional splashing from the shower or sink will be OK but do not get it properly wet.

At 686g it is very lightweight, which means it is less robust but easier to install onto the ceiling where it is held in place by just a couple of screws fitted through the light unit itself after removing the translucent shade. The shade can then be refitted after the light is attached to the ceiling. The only wiring needed is to connect the colour-coded plus and negative wires to the existing ceiling wiring.

Once fitted simply follow the on screen walkthrough instructions of the Smart Life app to get the light online. Be sure to use only the 2.4ghz stream of your home wifi network to do so and to select Ceiling Light Wifi from the available device options. The light can then be controlled through the app or by voice when connected to Alexa or Google, which again can be done through the Smart Life app. Once online you can vary the colour temperature of the light from warm to cool white (2100K – 6500K), set a dimming level, a timer, or any of a mass of options and routines through Alexa or Google.

It does not offer a range of colours or have a built-in Bluetooth speaker as my last one did but who needs that? At 24w it is easily bright enough for this small room but might struggle a bit with a larger one. I can control it using the Smart Life app from my Android phone or by voice. Of course, if the network goes down I can still turn it off and on using the wall switch.

The light seems reliable enough, is good and bright, and always connects to my home network. So far has never let me down.

If you need a basic ceiling light for a small to medium-sized room, with Alexa or Google control then at just £19.99 this may be for you.

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