Jooayou Pedicure Set Review

All you need for your feet is here. In the attractive mid-market box is the two-speed electric hard skin remover and a full raft of accessories.

The heart of the set is the electric hard skin remover and that seems well made and robust although rather lightweight. It has two selectable speeds, comes with three heads each of a different level of abrasion, and is battery powered with a non-standard USB charging cord included. A single three-hour charge giving around two hours of use. The device has a large but rather dim LED display for the current operating status and battery level. A comprehensive user guide is also included.

A large range of accessories are included including a File, Dead Skin Remover, Brush, Siliconme Blade, Callus Remover
with three spare blades, Roller Head Brush, Forked head prong, Matte Sander, Nail File, Flexible File.

Build quality seems fine, if lightweight, and the electric exfoliator or rated IPX7 water-resistant, which means it will be fine for bathroom use. The pedicure set is also well made and although also lightweight seems robust enough for everyday use. It is a pity no case is included either for the electric exfoliator or the pedicure kit.

You certainly get a lot for the £15.99 price and although there are many similar rivals out there I doubt if you will find a better one for less.

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